Why Use MindSpace Associates?

#1 – We have a Proven Track Record for Delivering Results

Mac Attram, our Founder & CEO, is an experienced entrepreneur who has built and sold several profitable companies.

He is also a leading business growth expert, famous for helping business owners rapidly increase their sales revenues between 20% – 200% in just a few months.

All our Business Mentors are trained in the same systems and methodologies that Mac has used to generate millions of pounds in profit for himself and his clients.

You can view some of our Success Stories here:  Success-stories

#2 – We’re Invested in Your Success

When you decide to work with us, we want your Success Story to add to our growing track record… you’ll only give us a great testimonial if we help you to achieve great results in your business.

We also believe in growth through Referrals…. and you’ll only refer us to other people you know if you’re happy with the service we provide.

Lastly, with our Incubation and Strategic Business Partnering solutions, we have an equity stake in your business, and so have a vested interest in helping you succeed as quickly as possible.

Your success is our success!

#3 – We provide you with Ongoing, High-Impact Accountability & Support

Accountability is making sure that you actually do what you say you’re going to do, once you’ve decided what needs to be done…

Without ongoing (weekly or fortnightly) accountability, it’s very easy to get trapped working IN the business rather ON the business, or to procrastinate on tasks that you feel are difficult yet vital for moving you to the next level.

Without accountability, even the best laid plans are unlikely to be implemented… and it’s the implementation that brings the results. Hence why it’s absolutely essential to your success to be held accountable – especially when you are the business owner and your own boss.

In all our business support programmes, ongoing and high-impact accountability forms one of the foundations for your success.

#4 – We combine Personal Development with Business Development

You can have all the business knowledge and skills in the world, yet without the right mindset supporting you with implementing that knowledge, your results will be a poor reflection.

Why is that?

Because there’s something in your mind that’s holding you back – if it wasn’t, you’d already have achieved the results you’re looking for.

For example, there could be something important you’re putting off doing because you think and feel you’re not good enough.

Or you take action on an idea and it fails… and you tell yourself you’ll never do that again.

Gaining awareness of your thought patterns – and then shifting unsupportive thought patterns – is essential to improving your results in business and in fact, all other areas of life.

That’s why we combine Personal Development with Business Development in all our business support programmes – to help you break free from limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding back your business success.

Your business will grow to the extent you do… and we will help you to grow.

#5 – We offer a Unique Range of Business Growth Solutions

  • Our Live Training Events, directed and lead by Mac, are highly experiential and use accelerated learning methodologies to help maximise your learning, growth and retention. You’ll leave each event feeling energised, and be clear about the next steps to take in your business.
  • Our Mentoring programme helps you to stay accountable, take action, solve business problems, and ultimately, progress faster and achieve higher levels of success than you’d achieve on your own.
  • With our Incubation (for start-ups) and Strategic Business Partnering (for established businesses)  solutions, we take an equity stake in your company and provide you with ongoing, 1-on-1 support to help nurture you and your business to grow stronger and faster. Our goal is to help you build a business that can be run as a cashflow-generating asset that works with or without you – and which can later be sold or prepared for IPO.

You can learn more about our range of business growth solutions here: