The Golden Rules of Marketing

There are a lot of myths and a lot of nonsense spoken when it comes to the world of marketing. Businesses are constantly bombarded by various ‘marketing experts’ saying that they must do this and they must do that. It seems there is always a marketing guru selling a hot new tactic that every business simply must do or they will lose out. Content marketing, search engine optimisation and social media marketing are all now must-dos apparently.

Maybe they are and maybe they are not but there is always some thinking that must be done first. There are marketing basics which never go out of fashion. I call them the Golden Rules of Marketing.

Be unique. These days every business operates in a crowded marketplace. So you must differentiate yourself sufficiently from the companies you compete with. You may have a high-quality and in-demand product or service but that is not enough. To win in today’s world of business you need to find a way of standing out in the crowd. In other words, you need to build an exceptionally unique position in the minds of your customers. Without differentiation, all marketing is futile. So before you spend any more money on marketing, answer these questions about your business.

  • What do we have to offer that is unique to us?
  • What exactly do we do?
  • How do we look, sound and feel to our customers?
  • How do we perform?

Spotlight your uniqueness. Having identified what makes you exceptionally unique as a business you need next to find words and visuals for expressing your uniqueness in ways which are compelling.

Keep it simple. Ensure what you promise is simple, clear and concise. Don’t over-complicate things. Customers will be more inclined to read your marketing messages if they are direct and straightforward. Wordy explanations and flowery language may lose them before you can get your point across.

Be consistent. Now you need to make sure that your messages are made repeatedly to those for whom your promise was created. This is a non-stop endeavour. You’ve got to pull all the stops out because, if you don’t, the business will die. There’s a time to get ready and once you know what you’re going to do then start your engine and go, go, go.

So before you plunge headlong into implementing a marketing method which you think could work, get back to these basics. These four Golden Rules of Marketing are the foundation stones for any successful, marketing-led business.

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