Tiba Al-Khalidy

Tiba has personally helped many business owners in the last 20 years increase sales, profitability, cash flow, business expansion, streamlined operational efficiency and better personal management. She has also helped entrepreneurs transform their business ideas into a reality.

What makes Tiba different from other business coaches is her experience of accountancy along with her running of multiple businesses.

If you are in need of direction, motivation or purpose to better your business, Tiba is compassionately willing to help. While she deeply cares, Tiba’s honest and frank business and life coaching doesn’t hold back when it comes to pointing out where you fall short, to help you correct your course which then ultimately leads to success.

Tiba’s ascension to her current stature as a reputed Business Coach is the result of an exceptional journey tempered by her rather remarkable life.

Arriving as an Iraqi refugee in the UK, more than two decades ago, Tiba first had to carefully balance her personal sensitivities to two very polarizing cultures.

Over almost two decades, Tiba has very successfully run businesses in the manufacturing, property development, and accountancy and business consultancy sectors. Along the way, Tiba recognised her entrepreneurial gift and more importantly her capability and willingness to help other business owners and entrepreneurs achieve success with their business ventures.

Besides her extensive business experience, Tiba has personally invested a significant amount of time to better equip herself as a business and life coach, earning a BA with Honours in Accountancy & Business Studies, from the Middlesex University in London. A Diploma from The Institute of Legal Finance & Management, an accredited membership from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and notable graduations from several reputed Property Management Workshops have given Tiba a multi-faceted and multi-layered knowledge base to excel as a business coach.

Contact Tiba if you wish to transform your business or personal life.