Grant Murrell

Grant Murrell is a seasoned Coach, mentor, consultant and trainer who is today much in demand.

Over the past 16 years he has impacted over 1000 businesses across 5 continents, from 15 countries, to help many find clarity and grow from 30-1000% in just several months.

He is a master practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis, a master results coach and was one of the the first APCTC certified master coaches. Grant has been trained, coached and mentored by some of the worlds very best and has never had to write a CV in his life!

Grant’s insight and skill comes from a diverse career over the past 16 years. He provided security consultancy to blue chip companies, where he learned what was valuable and precious to clients and the threat to these assets and how to counter them successfully. He learned how to build successful teams and gave them pride in what they were doing and build shared vision among them. As a private investigator he learned to interpret “The message between the words”, as what we say is often not what we mean.

As a businessman, Grant later became a consultant to the world’s largest business networking organisations, which spans over 53 countries. Here Grant quickly noticed strong patterns regarding the causes of business success and failures and the impact that people and our own mindset has on those outcomes. Combining this knowledge along with the right strategies, he built new and grew existing business groups, taking one from a withering state to achieve top 10% status of all groups in terms of growth in a matter of just months.

However, it was not always that way, for Grant has had many challenges in both his business and personal life over the years. He freely admits there have been many sleepless nights where has has searched and searched for the solutions to his challenges. He now laughs that despite of and particularly because of these very challenges and the disciplines learned from being a pilot flying aircraft, his perseverance, passion, thirst for knowledge and ability to question are the very things that have led him to the answers that now provide success and happiness to all his clients.

Grant’s passion is to help others to overcome the obstacles he and many other people have faced in their personal and business lives, as he believes that there are many people with great passions and skills to offer the world who are held back by not having the correct mindset and business skills and strategies to release their talents. Grant says “The world is often cheated from knowing about talented people and from experiencing the greatness they can offer”