Anil Sooleehall

Anil Sooleehall  FCCA  ACA

Anil is an Executive & Business Coach as well as a qualified Chartered Accountant.
For over 10 years he worked for corporations such as Aon, Lloyds Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and DST Systems Inc. He held various leadership positions covering finance, financial governance, change management, business partnering and risk management.

He has a passion for developing talent by mentoring and coaching for business development, peak performance and career enhancement.

Anil thrived on building and leading teams of corporate & finance professionals. He always ensured both corporate and personal objectives were aligned, and created a conducive environment for optimum results.

Anil’s success philosophy is:

“Always add value first and success will naturally follow”


He lives in London with his wife Asha and their three beautiful children. Although Anil was a very successful professional with a career earning him six figure salaries, he set off from very humble beginnings. He was born in Mauritius and due to personal family circumstances, his schooling was neglected in order to support his family. By the time he was 20, he managed to help put his family in good stead and then moved to London. Despite his poor level of academic achievement during his school years, he made a decision to go back to education.  First, he took English classes which he found challenging and barely made it through. He then went on to do business studies and later studied for his Chartered Certified Accountancy qualification.


Anil believes major results come from having clarity of vision, discipline, focus, determination, a step by step action plan and a growth mindset.

Whilst Anil has experienced more than his share of pain along his journey, he has treated these as opportunities to learn, grow and build resilience. He now openly and masterfully shares these experiences to inspire others to grow in their business, career & life.