Leandro Marcondes ( Cortisso Accommodation Services )

Over 5 months we have increased our sales by over 80%. This has given my company an EXTRA £3500 per month in profit. My focus now is on systemising the business so that I don’t need to be there all the time and I may eventually sell it. Thanks a lot for your support.

Danile Granato ( Authentic Pilates )

Working on the business has allowed us to increase sales over 40% in the last 5 months.

Beata Kapcewicz ( )

I sold one company, bought another one, did another of my own programmes which gathered more than 150 participants and was a BIG success with great energy and 20% of sales conversion. Thank you!!!

Dr Monika Jiang ( Medical Doctor (Germany) )

I was quite scared before I started especially because of having to declare my business numbers. What really surprised me most was that our sales income jumped up by over 250% (almost tripled) in just a few weeks. I now realise why it is so important to write down and monitor my numbers; failing to do that means I am working on my feelings only, which isn’t accurate. It was great working with Mac, I loved his coaching style (he goes really deep). He got on my nerves a lot, pushed me out of my comfort zone and ultimately I got great results. If you want progress in life and in business then I highly recommend doing this coaching program.

Rasminder Palahey ( Founder, FootMedics (United Kingdom) )

I had no idea what to expect on the program, but I was willing to follow the process. The spreadsheet ‘dashboard’ that Mac got me to complete daily was a powerful tool to keep me focussed. I have become more clearer & more focussed, I now have more time for the priorities in my life and business. I have recruited and trained 3 new staff in order to further expand the practice. My health has improved greatly and I have much more energy through correct nutrition and exercise. I have a clear strategy to continue growing my business. I would highly recommend this program to those who want to be more and achieve more. Thanks Mac!

Lucia Manzitti (Cri-Cri) ( Artis - Head of School Partnerships (United Kingdom) )

It was very good to collaborate with Mac on our training day. On the day, Mac was great at bringing new depth and understanding to the sales process and getting our team and every individual in it involved and engaged. As a new group of people coming together for the first time, Mac got them all thinking of the importance of taking responsibility for their actions, being accountable, acting as team members and geared up to succeed in their sales activities. This was done through reflection, coaching and active learning. As their manager the workshop was a great tool that gave me insight into their behaviours and will provide me with great clues as to what I might expect and how to manage them in the year to come. I am excited to begin this new sales cycle after training with Mac.

Piti Pek Kunakittayakorn ( Thailand )

Thank you for your kind wisdom and eye-opening lessons. Of course, I have learned a ton. The very last section when you talked about systematizing a business was valuable.

Doreen Wong ( Malaysia )

I was very motivated after my 1 on 1 mentoring with Mac! He answered burning questions I have had for years, but which no one could provide a direction to. I was so excited as he advised how I should approach my business, title some of my presentations … I’d been in senior management for many years and also coached others… but Mac highlighted my blind spots, helped me clear the jungle, and now I see the future of my business in a new light! Whatever I paid for the mentoring and the Webinars, is soooo worth it! Thanks Mac:)

Christina Taabbel ( Co-Founder Life Academy (Denmark) )

Before I started my work with Mac my life was ok and my business was ok. I enjoyed the work and the coaching session really clarified at lot for me every time. The funny thing was the side effect on my business was amazing increase in sales and the renewed energy around my business. It has been a fantastic inspirational and safe journey to work with Mac. I look forward for the next 12 months; because it was so good, I continued my work with Mac.

Danilo Balbinot ( Managing Director (Italy) )

I’m very happy I got to know you. After the Bootcamp in London, I realised why my employees hired in the office located in Pordenone act and play differently from those in my Milan office. We are working on making those changes. Thank you for your passion, competence and integrity, I really appreciate all these qualities in a businessman.