Small Business Coaching Packages: What to Look Out For

Want to effectively manage your business but not sure how to? Ever thought about using the help of a professional business coach? If so, continue reading to find out the most important aspects to look out for when choosing a coach.

At one point or the other in their career, business owners in different fields face unique levels of managing business challenges. However, it’s usually a different kettle of fish altogether for new business starters because most of the challenging business situations they experience might be the lack of zeal to take significant moves regarding their business. Even effectively managing time or giving vital attention to answer questions from clients is sometimes challenging enough.

Nevertheless, the onus lies on the business owner to make attempts to head towards the necessary moves needed to take the business to the next level. One such move includes sourcing for experienced business guides in the form of a business coach. Now, the next question you might be tempted to ask is who a business coach is. Consequently, the next task here is to define exactly who a business coach is and eight important tips business owners need to look out for before hiring a business coach for their business.

Who is a Business Coach?

A business coach is a professional who brings forth the practical effect of his or her first-hand experience, skills set, exposure, success stories, breakthroughs in business. This is all done to help guide fresh breeds entering the business terrain find their footing and avoid costly mistakes that can be detrimental to the sustainability, growth and progress in business. It’s important to state that business coaching can come in different sizes, a fact which should necessarily guide a newbie in business when making a choice towards hiring a business coach.

There are business coaches who cater for small-scale businesses, some coach business owners of growing establishments with about a 50 employee base, while some others coach business owners of large corporations.

Seven Important Tips To Consider Before Hiring a Business Coach

There tends to be a sort of similarity in terms of the services offered by a business coach and a business mentor. It’s important to note that while both business coaches and mentors are mainly concerned about the growth and profit increase of your business, it takes on an entirely different approach from business mentoring. A mentor simply transfers relevant knowledge, skills or experiences that will guide the business owner in developing the business.

A business coach, on the other hand, is an expert in business management who acts as an instructor to the business owner who needs the required skill set to help create a sustainable structure for his or her business. So when searching for the best business coach, here are a few tips to consider.

The Experience of the Business Coach

The experience of a business coach in the field of business as well as coaching emerging and existing businesses are non-negotiable aspects of considering a business coach to hire who helps you navigate the business storms, and challenging moments when they emerge. Talking about experience, best described, a business owner who requires a business coach won’t settle for a psychologist or someone whose profession is similar else such efforts will be futile. An experienced business coach is one who isn’t quoting theoretical mysteries but whose past business achievements are testaments to his wealth of knowledge in the field.


What type of values does the business coach you plan to hire for your business have? Is it the level of achievements, business profits or sincerity of purpose? One of the most important aspects to consider when conducting a background check on a business coach is to see if there is a meeting point between the values they preach and what you as a business owner hold highly. If you have nothing in tandem, it’s best to consider another coach.

Grasp of Your Industry

It’s one thing to hire a business coach with a firm experience of being a coach, it’s another feather to the cap if the business coach you’re considering for your business is an industry giant with an expansive knowledge of what’s obtainable in the industry. As this will in no small measure help bring a solution to the trials, storms or difficulties your business may be going through.

What Past Clients Say

Resounding testimonies about the achievements of a business coach must be audible and visible for all and sundry to hear and see. There should be at least a client, friend or family who has an inclining or knows someone who has patronized the business coach you are considering to hire. If nothing at all, this will further assure you that the steps towards hiring this business coach will yield the desired ROI as you’re paying to get value.

Communications Skills

In your quest for a business coach, it’s important to know that as a sound professional, they will help develop your business. Sadly an incompetent one will only lead to a loss in finances. Hence, is your prospective business coach talking in the simplest way you can understand? Or are they giving you the desired listening ears? Or finding a way to resolve your problems? Or trying to showcase his or her wealth of knowledge?

Social Media Posts

In this age, one of the ways to know if a business coach fits the precise need of your business is to look at how engaging his or her posts are with their connections. If you’re thinking of how to grow your business, opt for a coach whose posts are not just centred on profit, because this clearly shows his services are not for your business.

Similar Business Size

Business coaches serve owners of big corporations, freelance persons and self-employed businesses. However, it’s essential to hire a business coach with a similar business size as this will be helpful in terms of experience, knowledge and expertise.

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