The VIP Success Club

Monthly Group Coaching Webinars with live training & Q&A to help support your business growth.

  • Feel supported & engaged through the exclusive VIP members community.
  • All sessions recorded & sent to you by email – so you can watch it any time, any place.
  • Unlimited email & forum support from certified business coaches – gain clarity & focus to move through any challenge or uncertainty.

Masterminding® will revolutionise the way you work with other people and achieve results.

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Ultimate Business University

Do You Want MORE Business Success to Achieve Your Desired Income and Lifestyle Much Faster?Ultimate Business University is the Complete Blueprint to attract & convert all the Customers you need, Optimise & Systemise your business, maximise Team Performance, live a Balanced Lifestyle – and increase your Profits by 30% to 250% in the next 12 months – GUARANTEED

  • Comprehensive Home-Study Program with over 50 Online Video Lessons across 8 Modules – covers key areas in Sales, Cash Flow, Branding, Marketing, Context, Systems, Team & Training, and Personal.
  • Weekly Online Video Training Lessons – The easy way to learn about business success from the comfort of your own Home or Office.
  • Lesson Worksheets & Action Steps – Helping you to connect learning with doing, to help drive real, tangible results in your business.
  • Ongoing, Personal & Community Support – Helping you to feel supported, gain clarity and stay focused.
  • Perfect for Start-Up or Early-Stage Entrepreneurs – Get your business off to the best possible start & avoid common mistakes that lose you money.

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The Super Coaching Program

Do You Want to ACCELERATE Your Business Success As Fast As Possible?Our 12 Week Super Coaching Program will help you achieve just that…

Through working 1-on-1 with one of our Certified Business Coaches for 60-90 minutes each week, every week for 12 weeks, you will achieve more progress in this time than you have ever before.

  • Help you decide what goals and dreams are most important to you, so that you become laser-focused on the important things.
  • Create a strategic plan to help you achieve those goals.
  • Establish a realistic action plan so that you meet all important milestones.
  • Implement an effective dashboard to track & measure all your key performance numbers, so that you know how you are doing at any given time of the month or year.
  • Discover the “subconscious thoughts” that are holding you back, and then help you blast through them to achieve the life you want and deserve.

All of these and much more will help you stay accountable, take action, solve business problems, and ultimately, progress faster and achieve higher levels of success than you’d achieve on your own.

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Masterminding is when a group of people come together in a spirit of cooperation and harmony to achieve goals, be they shared ones or individual ambitions.The key idea is to coordinate the combined knowledge, creativity and effort contained within the group in order to achieve common and individual objectives.

There is nothing new about Masterminding. Whether utilized knowingly or not, almost all of the great accomplishments of history were achieved using this method.

Mac Attram is the author of the book, The Power of Masterminding, and is one of world’s leading facilitators of the masterminding process.

A couple of times a year, he leads exclusive and invitation-only Masterminding events at beautiful locations around the world.

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Millionaire Joint Venture Success Secrets

Do You Want To Significantly GROW Your Business Through Partnerships?

Millionaire Joint Venture Success Secrets is a 6 Week Group Coaching Webinar Program that shows you how to put together and implement effective joint-ventures to grow your business.

  • The importance of the JV Mindset in creating profitable JV deals.
  • How to identify JV partners.
  • How to approach & contact JV partners.
  • How to create a compelling JV proposal.
  • How to present & close the JV deal.
  • How to implement the JV deal.

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