To All Business Owners and Start-Ups:

Discover HOW You Can INCREASE both Your INCOME and FREE TIME by 200% in LESS than a Year!

REVEALED: The Proven Step-by-Step IMPLEMENTATION PLAN That My Clients Use To Do Just That and More! 

Business Accelerator Bootcamp Dates:

London (UK) - 30th & 31st March 2019

Accra (GHANA) - 16th & 17th February 2019

A Message from Mac Attram


I would like to tell you about a very special LIVE event that’s coming up shortly if you’re in business, or you’re thinking about starting a business.


Do you face ANY of these problems with your business or start up idea…?


  •  A lack of sales growth?
  •  A shortage of time to spend outside your business?
  •  A lack of clarity on the best strategy to follow?
  • A lack of business processes to help you scale, grow and become more efficient? 
  •  A lack of a team to support you, compliment you and help keep the business running, even when you’re not there?


You are not alone!

It's well known the majority of business start-ups fail and many business owners end up working MORE hours than they would in a job.

It wasn’t so long ago I faced ALL of these challenges with my own businesses, in fact:


  •  There was a point in my life when I was struggling in business and I had accumulated over £60,000 in debt.
  •  I wasn’t sure of the right strategy to grow my businesses, plus I had a growing family to support, including a new child.
  • I was working 80+ hours per week, which meant I wasn’t spending much TIME with my wife and new child.

DEBT and lack of TIME with my family were my personal drivers for CHANGE.

What are yours?

When I was facing these challenges I awoke to the fact that the MINDSET that got me into this situation wasn’t going to be the MINDSET that got me out. So I started to educate myself and look for coaches and mentors to support me on the journey.

Over the next 18 months I built up and sold my first business, I then went on to create a £multi-million property business to the point where I became FINANCIALLY FREE.

I have also gone on to work with many clients, in particular to help them:


  •  INCREASE revenues between 20%-200% in just a few months
  •  IMPLEMENT processes to make their businesses more efficient and valuable
  •  BUILD winning teams which help make their business less dependent on them

Personally, I have also:

  •  Built and sold several businesses
  •  Received multiple high level rewards for Coaching and Training Including Including the Executive Coach of the year.
  •  Best Selling Author of 3 books.
  •  Trained and coached well over 100,000 Individuals and Business Owners in over 30 countries.
  •  Pursued martial arts for over 30 years, making me a Taekwondo 5th Dan Black Belt

What The Experts Say About Our Training...

Les Brown

World's #1 Motivational Speaker 

Peng Joon,

World Class Internet Marketer 

Gerry Robert,

World Renowned Book Publisher

My success isn’t the important part, but it is the journey. What I have learned from it is that my passion is to help other small businesses and start-ups achieve success. This has led me to create the 2-day Business Accelerator Bootcamp.

See What Previous Attendees Had To Say...

At the 2-Day Business Accelerator Bootcamp, I’m inviting start-ups and business owners to grow their businesses by adopting the most up-to-date, proven strategies.

By the end of 2 days you will have learned, practised and experienced – YES, EXPERIENCED - the knowledge that can help you.

The Business Accelerator Bootcamp is not a theory program – it is a LIVE event that requires your participation!

Please only attend if you are serious about making changes to yourself and your business...


My experience has shown me the DEEPER lessons that really stick and become habit are found through PRACTICE.

This is why I created this experiential 2-day event where you will get to listen, learn and then practice throughout.

Nowadays you can learn from many sources, but ask yourself honestly how many times have you bought a book or watched a video and implemented all the advice?

This is NOT an event which ends after 2 days... 

You WILL leave with a strategic week-by-week IMPLEMENTATION plan for the next 3 months!

See What These Attendees Had To Say...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

See What Previous Attendees Had To Say...

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Why Take Action Now?
Places are extremely LIMITED and often Sell Out Fast –
Tickets are allocated
 on a first come, first served basis

100% money back guarantee. 

If at the end of the first day you do not believe that this program will deliver 10x the results that you have paid for, then I will give you a full refund.

No questions asked – simply hand over all the course materials at the end of Day 1.

Note: Nobody ever takes up this offer because the value they receive is so high throughout the whole of Day 1, they just have to come back for Day 2!

By attending my business accelerator bootcamp you will transform your business or start-up idea in just a FEW WEEKS, or you can carry on getting the same results you're currently getting.

How long are you going to wait?

Business Accelerator Bootcamp Date: 

£1997 £997 (Limited Time Early Bird Offer)

London (UK) - 30th & 31st March 2019

Accra (GHANA) - 16th & 17th February 2019

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

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